Our animals!

Come to discover our animals of the small farm of the Offrerie in the Dordogne, our dwarf goats, our Alpaca, our miniature donkey and our chickens for the pleasure of the little ones and all the family.

You can go to meet them on our space arranged for this purpose safely, caress them and give them some carrots when visiting the mini-farm with Baptiste.

You will also be able to observe our 2 parrots Jack and Gaston!

Jack is a amazon, he’s 10 years old and Gaston is a Gabonese gray, he’s 12 years old.

They love talking, singing (especially nursery rhymes) but above all dancing !!! You will be amazed by their intelligence and antics !!

We will give you news of our animals throughout the year. Go to the Facebook page of the campsite l’Offrerie!