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Birds Protection League

Concerned about the protection of nature, we want to engage in a community because together we are always more successful than alone!

Since 2015, we have joined the LPO Bird Protection League, the first network of ecological gardens in France. Founded in 1921, it now has 46,000 members.

We act daily for the preservation of nature:

By creating conditions conducive to the installation of wild fauna and flora. We made nest boxes for different species of birds, we also built and installed an insect house. We preserve areas of biodiversity by having a very planted site with tree species, shrubs, flowers and plants very varied.

By giving up chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides)

By reducing our impact on the environment (selective sorting of waste, recycling and reuse of materials, etc.)

By making its refuge a hunt-free space for biodiversity

You too, if you wish, you can create an LPO shelter at home !!